About Us

We (Lisa & Teddy Simpkins) have been working online for 26 years now.

My Specialty: Social Networking and Administration:
Content provider, public relations, member recruitment, marketing manager,
link marketing, blog creation & branding/rank and community management.

Other areas of interest: Blogging, advertising, business branding/personal branding,
mentoring, training on-one, SEO, product creation, RSS and web site creation.

My husband (Teddy Simpkins) and I work as a team. My husbands credentials are..
HTML Programming, web design, WP & Joomla blog creation and product creation.

Marketing Center Pro was created with the marketer in mind.This platform was made
to make it easier for you to market your business. The site has many features such
as Free Advertising (We will submit your links to a variety of search engines,bookmark
sites etc.)Blog and Article so you can place your links in your post there as well.
Forums and Groups so you can communicate with other like minds in business.

We will be adding a few free products in the near futer so keep an eye out for these.
All products are for marketing or business and will be available to download at no
cost to you.No opt-in required as well.

We want to help you grow your business/marketing skills.We will try to make ourselves
available as much as possible please look under the Menu Tab (HELP)put your cursor
on Contact and click on it.We will get with you as soon as possible.